Monday Lust List – Vintage Punch Bowls

I know, it’s Monday already! How do the weekends go so fast!

Hope you all had the greatest time.  Mine was spent being part of a record breaking attempt, getting very wet at the car boot and spending time with my lovely family.

Although we didn’t have the punch bowl out, I do own two of them and I am always on the look out for more.


 Here’s Marlon looking after mine

So, I had a splurge on Pinterest last night and these are some of the most fabulous punch bowls I could find and definitely worthy of an entry on to the Monday Lust List.

Pretty in Pink




Milk Glass


Atomic Punch Bowl – Oh my!


Stunning In Green


So Delicate and Pretty


Maybe one for the lads?


Beautiful Blue


1913 Limoges Punch Bowl


Clearly Divine


So, whats your favourite and what would you fill your punch bowl with?

I have a glorious original recipe book for mine, watch out for my attempts at re-creating the punches enjoyed in America in the 1960s.



May your week be filled with fun and frolics.

Love, tipsy giggles and frivolity


For more inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards here

How I Partied – Retro Festival 2014


Retro Festival image

Hello, this hastily written post is brought to you on my midweek day off in the school holidays.  My son is currently in the same room trying to teach our pet hamster to dance to some kind of electro pop and I have half an eye on them in case the hamster disappears somewhere unsavoury!

If you ever thought a bloggers life is one long round of carefully crafted photo’s and posts, it’s never further from the truth in this household.  Especially when there is an 8 year old boy involved!

  My excited face on the way to the Festival


Retro Festival 2014

Anyhow, here’s a quick visual round up of our trip to the Retro Festival 2014 last Sunday. Not the best day, weatherwise but a wonderful time was had by us all nonetheless.

Giant light up letters setting the scene

01retrofestival2014More classic cars than you can shake a stick at
02retrofestival2014 03retrofestival2014

In love with the Portafold caravans.  At the very top of my want list for sure!

04retrofestival2014 06retrofestival2014

A rare sighting of the Edwards male clan – 3 generations and not one smile, bless them!


Something big is on it’s way!


I kid you not, less than 2 minutes later! 


Sought shelter and enjoyed the dancing


The sun re-appeared

11retrofestival2014 12retrofestival2014 13retrofestival2014

We enjoyed the aerial display (although I’m not good at shots of them actually in the air!)


Matching car, caravan and Portafold.  I am in love!

15retrofestival2014A new stock purchase too!

So, we ate the most delicious fudge, enjoyed cider ice pops, veggie burgers and wine. Shopped for dresses, hairflowers and retro glasses.  We found tents with entertainment and fell in love with Portafolds.

Thanks very much to Claire Macintyre for inviting us along.  We had a great time!  Claire is not only the organiser of this amazing event,  she is also a super talented photographer.  Check out her website

Check out the amazing RetroFestive Christmas Ball too!


Me, the boy and my mum are off to Bletchley Park today as kids are free, entrance for adults is £15.00 for a year ticket and they organise great childrens activities on a Wednesday in the summer holidays.  The sun appears to be shining too.

Whatever you are up to, have a great time.

Love, portafolds and cider ices

 Anita ♥